AzhwArthirunagari rA pathu 2014

srimathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srimadh varavaramunayE nama:
sri vAnAchala mahAmunayE nama:

 polindhu ninRa pirAn with srI bhU nILA dhEvis


Daily routine
  • Morning
    • viswarUpam for AzhwAr and perumAL
    • dhanur mAsam - thiruppaLLiyezhuchi, thiruppAvai and day pAsuram – perumAL sannidhi and AzhwAr sannidhi
    • nammAzhwAr and emperumAnAr puRappAdu outside the temple (first 2 days inside the temple) with iyaRpA gOshti (pAsurams that were recited the day before are recited again – on first day iyaRpA begins with rAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi)
    • On return, AzhwAr performs mangaLAsAsanam to periya perumAL (mUlavar)
    • emperumAnAr puRappAdu to rA  pathu maNdapam in covered palanquin
    • nammAzhwAr returns to own sannidhi
    • nammAzhwAr EkAntha thirumanjanam
    • nammAzhwAr sannidhi – nithyAnusandhAnam – kaNNinuN chiRu thAmbu and thiruppAvai – gOshti and sARRumuRai with parANgusa ashtakam, nammAzhwAr and emperumAnAr vAzhi thirunAmams
    • polindhu ninRa pirAn, srIdhEvi, bhUdhEvi, nILA dhEvi, Adhi nAchiyAr, kurugA nAchiyAr puRappAdu to rA  pathu maNdapam
    • sEnai mudhaliyAr puRappAdu to rA pathu maNdapam
    • AzhwAr lOkAntha thirumanjanam
  • Afternoon
    • thiruvArAdhanam
    • arayar sEvai of 1 centum (100 pAsurams) of thiruvAimozhi – arayar recites 1 centum of thiruvAimozhi  with thALam (cymbals) every day and vyAkyAnam for selected set of pAsurams
    • sEvAkAlam of 1 centum (100 pAsurams) by srIvaishNavas (repeat of what was recited by arayar on the previous day)
  • Evening
    • perumAL inside parampadha vAsal (gate) and AzhwAr/emperumAnAr outside the gate.
    • paramapadha vAsal (gate) opening
    • kottagai (thatched shed) paththi ulAththal (slow puRappAdu) for perumAL, nammAzhwAr and emperumAnAr
    • nammAzhwAr and emperumAnAr returns to sannidhi
    • puRappAdu for perumAL and AzhwAr for the day from outside maNdapam to inside the temple with iyaRpA gOshti  - based on the dhivya prabhandham
    • thirumudi sEvai (perumAL going to AzhwAr and blessing him with his lotus feet on nammAzhwAr’s head)
    • arayar sEvai (vyAkyAnam)
    • gOshti thIrtham, srI rAmAnujam (lotus feet of nammAzhwAr) and prasAdham
    • Return puRappAdu for perumAL, nAchiyArs, sEnai mudhaliyAr, nammAzhwAr and emperumAnAr – everyone is fully covered during this quiet puRappAdu in the late night.

Special notes: 

  • Every day thirumudi sEvai of perumAL for nammAzhwAr (perumAL going to AzhwAr and blessing him with his lotus feet on AzhwAr’s head) - magnificient manifestation of paragatha svIkAram (the highlight of our sath sampradhAyam which implies emperumAn reaching out to jIvAthmA for his upliftment)
  • On the night of vaikuNta EkAdhasi, nammAzhwAr goes to perumAL sannidhi to get niyamanam  (order) for starting thiruvAimozhi festival (rA pathu). First he goes there in his palanquin upto the main entrance of the sannidhi. From there two archakas carry him in their hands with pandhams (lights), chathram, chAmaram, etc. arayar swamy recites aruLappAdu (glorifications) with his (thALam) cymbals facing AzhwAr and AzhwAr slowly walks towards perumAL. He reaches the inner sanctum of perumAL and is placed directly in front of perumAL. He requests emeprumAn to give permission to start the uthsavam and invites him to the rA pathu maNdapam. emperumAn agrees happily and then AzhwAr returns from there back to his sannidhi. After thirumanjanam for AzhwAr, he along with emperumAnAr goes to rA pathu maNdapam. perumAL with his nAchiyArs, sEnai mudhaliyAr and all other AzhwArs and AchAryas reach rA pathu maNdapam in the mean time.
  • arayar recites one centum of thiruvAimozhi every day starting on 1st day of rA pathu. Following day, adhyApakas will recite the same centum in gOshti.
  • arayar sEvai in front of perumAL behind closed curtains.
  • gOshti sEvAkAlam outside the closed curtains – it is said that emperumAn happily enjoys AzhwAr’s thiruvAimozhi alone and may even shake his heads in bliss – which is not to be seen by any one. That is why curtains are closed during recitation.
  • Every day perumAL comes through paramapadha vAsal (gate) and AzhwAr waits for him at the other side. But last day, AzhwAr comes out of paramapadha vAsal indicating perumAL blessing us with AzhwAr.
  • puRappAdu (procession) – twice every day
    • First in the morning for nammAzhwAr and emperumAnAr – before nammAzhwAr thirumanjanam outside the temple followed by mangaLAsAsanam to periya perumAL
    • Second in the evening for polindhu ninRa pirAn and AzhwAr who sung the iyaRpA prabhandham that is being recited - after paramapadha vAsal opening, inside the temple.

Daily dhivya prabhandha sEvAkAlam, arayar abhinayam and vyAkyAnam recital, special events

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
    • Full set of pictures -
    • vangak kadal (thiruppAvai) sARRumuRai - All AzhwArs/AchAryas arrive at perumAL sannidhi and thiruppAvai completion
    • arayar abhinayam/vyAkyAnam of onRum dhEvum (4.10)  with abhinayam and recital of 4th  centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • sEvA kAlam – 3rd  centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • First puRappAdu  – mUnRAm thiruvanthAdhi
    • Second puRappAdu – nAnmugan thiruvanthAdhi
    • nambi thiruvAimozhi special - arayar requesting perumAL to accept groceries/vegetables, vasthrams, etc for thirukkuRungudi nambi pAsurams to be recited next day

  • Day 5
    • AzhwAr and emperumAnAr sErthi thirumanjanam on 5th uthsavam
    • kanu uthsavam
    • Adhi nAchiyAr and kurugA nAchiyAr goes to singa perumAL temple at the banks of river thAmirabharaNi for thirumanjanam
    • Adhi nAchiyAr and kurugA nAchiyAr goes to thAmirabharaNi river for thIrthavAri
    • Adhi nAchiyAr and kurugA nAchiyAr arrives at emperumAnAr jIyar mutt (bhavishyadhAchAryan sannidhi)
    • Adhi nAchiyAr and kurugA nAchiyAr returns to own sannidhis
    • arayar abhinayam/vyAkyAnam of enganEyO (5.5)  with abhinayam and recital of 5th  centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • sEvA kAlam – 4th  centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • First puRappAdu  – nAnmugan thiruvanthAdhi
    • Second puRappAdu – thiruviruththam
  • Day 6
    • arayar abhinayam/vyAkyAnam of ulagamuNda (6.10) with abhinayam and recital of 6th  centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • sEvA kAlam – 5th  centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • First puRappAdu  – thiruviruththam
    • Second puRappAdu – thiruvAsiriyam
  • Day 7
    • arayar abhinayam/vyAkyAnam of kangulum (7.2) with abhinayam and recital of 7th  centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • sEvA kAlam – 6th  centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • First puRappAdu  - thiruvAsiriyam
    • Second puRappAdu – periya thiruvanthAdhi
  • Day 8
    • arayar abhinayam/vyAkyAnam of nedumARkadimai  (8.10) with abhinayam and recital of 8th centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • sEvA kAlam – 7th centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • First puRappAdu  – periya thiruvanthAdhi
    • Second puRappAdu – thiruvezhukkURRirukkai, siRiya thirumadal
    • vEdu paRi uthsavam with thirumangai AzhwAr
  • Day 9
    • arayar abhinayam/vyAkyAnam of mAlai naNNi  (9.10) with abhinayam and recital of 9th  centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • sEvA kAlam – 8th centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • First puRappAdu  – thiruvezhukkURRirukkai, siRiya thirumadal
    • Second puRappAdu – periya thirumadal
  • Day 10
    • arayar abhinayam/vyAkyAnam of thALa thAmarai (10.1)  abhinayam and recital of 10th  centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • sEvA kAlam – 9th centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • First puRappAdu  – periiya thirumadal
    • Second puRappAdu – rAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi
    • thiruvadi thozhal sARRumuRai
      • nammAzhwAr wearing 24 shawls (indicating 24 achith thathvams) and removal of them indicating him being freed from samsAram
      • thiruvadi thozhal (thirumudi sEvai) - emperumAn arriving to AzhwAr's simmAsanam and placing his lotus feet on AzhwAr's head
  • Day 11
    • sEvA kAlam – 10th  centum of thiruvAimozhi
    • sadagOpar anthAdhi (written by kambar) - arayar sEvai
    • All AzhwArs, AchAryas, perumAL and nAchiyArs return to their AsthAnam (sannidhis)
  • Day 12
    • vIdu vidai thirumanjanam – returning of AzhwAr to his sannidhi for the upliftment of everyone after elaborate/grand thirumanjanam
    • pushpa pallakku (flower decorated palanquin)
adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

Note: There may be minor changes once dhanur mAsam completes. Also, timings are approximate and change according to situation.

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