charamOpAya nirNayam - summary of events

srimathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srimadh varavaramunayE nama:
sri vAnAchala mahAmunayE nama:

A summary of all events that are identified in this divine grantham.
  • nAyanArAchAn piLLai salutes his AchAryan periyavAchAn piLLai and identifies the purpose/content of the grantham which is to establish the full glories of jagadhAchAryan srI rAmAnujar and that he is the ultimate path for srivaishnavas to accomplish their ultimate goal.
  • emperumAnAr is identified as the precious stone at the center of our AchArya rathna hAram.
  • svAnuvruthi prasannAchAryas and krupA mAthra prasannAchAryas explained in detail; krupA mAthra prasannAchAryas' importance is highlighted and emperumAnAr's uththArakathvam (saviourship) is established.
  • emperumAnAr's thirumudi (upward) sambandham is discussed here.
  • nammAzhwAr shows nAthamunigaL the beautiful form of bhavishyadhAchAryan (future AchAryan) and blesses him with the bhavishyadhAchAryan vigraham. "poliga poliga" pAsuram is beautifully explained by nammAzhwAr in context of rAmAnujar who is to appear in the future.
  • nAthamunigaL passes on the divine incidents and bhavishyadhAchAryan vigraham to uyyakkoNdAr.
  • uyyakkoNdar passes on the divine incidents and bhavishyadhAchAryan vigraham to maNakkAl nambi.
  • maNakkAl nambi passes on the divine incidents and bhavishyadhAchAryan vigraham to ALavandhAr. 
  • ALavandhAr blesses iLayAzhwAr to be the next leader of our sampradhAyam.
  • ALavandhAr passes on the divine incidents and bhavishyadhAchAryan vigraham to thirukkOshtiyUr nambi.
  • It is established that just like pithrus feel happy and blessed when a vaishnava appears in their family, AchAryas before emperumAnAr felt happy and blessed when emperumAnAr appeared in the prapanna kulam.
  • emperumAn, nammAzhwAr and emperumAnAr are identified as uththAraka AchAryas and it is explained how emperumAnAr fully manifests uththArakathvam.
  • emperumAnAr's AchAryas namely periya nambi (mahA pUrNar), periya thirumalai nambi (srIsaila pUrNar), thirukkOttiyUr nambi (gOshti pUrNar), thiruvaranga perumAL arayar and thirumAlai ANdAn (mAlAdhArar) establish emperumAnAr's uththArakathvam by getting their own children to surrender to emperumAnAr and also through their words and action.
  • dhEva perumAL establishes emperumAnAr's superiority through thirukkachi nambi. He says just like he himself studied under various rishis during his vibhavAvathArams, emperumAnAr is also studying under various AchAryas now.
  • It is also explained that since emperumAnAr established the proper sidhAntham and established the real greatness of emperumAn after advaithis and mAyavAdhis destroyed the same, emperumAnAr is the uththAraka AchAryan for emperumAn himself. So, we need not doubt his uththArakathvam for anyone else.
  • His avathAra rahasyam is revealed. It is explained that he is the leader of nithya sUris, i.e., Adhi sEshan himself by thirumAlirunchOlai azhagar, kshIrAbdhi nAthan, brahma rakshas, sarasvathi and udayavar himself.
  • udayavar's glories are revealed by dhEva perumAL and AzhwAn, nammAzhwAr, etc. His glories are such that, many of his sishyas gave up their life (out of immense sorrow) immediately after hearing that he ascended to paramapadham.
  • rAmAnujar's uththArakathvam is revealed/established by many:
    • himself in many occasions
    • aruLALa perumAL emperumAnAr
    • thiruvEnkatamudayAn
    • thirukkurungudi nambi
    • nadAthUr ammAL
    • emperumAnAr himself through sOmAsiyANdAn
    • kaNiyanUr siriyAchAn
    • emperumAnAr himself through ponnAchiyAr (wife of piLLai urangA villi dhAsar)
  • ALavandhAr's attachment towards nAthamunigaL and emperumAnAr is clearly explained and emperumAnAr's uththArakathvam is established by ALavandhAr himself.
  • Greatness of charama parva (AchAryan) nishtai over prathama parva (bhagavAn) nishtai is explained.
  • rAmAnujar's uththArakathvam is revealed/established by many:
  • Finally, it is explained by thiruvarangathu amudhanAr in his rAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi, how we should live our lives:
    • Our residing place is where emperumAnAr's devotees live
    • Our object of daily anubhavam while in this world is emperumAnAr's divine qualities
    • We should avoid association of the ones who does not glorify emperumAnAr
    • Our object of speech is emperumAnAr's divine names (iLayAzhwAr, rAmAnujar, udayavar, emperumAnAr, srI bhAshyakArar, yathirAjar, thiruppAvai jIyar, yathIndhrar, etc) and glories
    • Our object of meditation is emperumAnAr's lotus feet
    • We should constantly engage in loving service to emperumAnAr's devotees
    • We should be very attached to the divine form of emperumAnAr
    • Depending on emperumAnAr's lotus feet will lead us to eternal service to him and the contrary will lead to us suffering in samsAram forever
nAyanArAchAn piLLai thiruvadigaLE charaNam
periyavAchAn piLLai thiruvadigaLE charaNam
AzhwAr emperumAnAr jIyar thiruvadigaLE charaNam 
jIyar thiruvadigaLE charaNam
AchAryan thiruvadigaLE charaNam 

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan
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