rangayAthrA dhinE dhinE - nandhana varusha pavithrOtsavam

srimathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srimadh varavaramunayE nama:
sri vAnAchala mahAmunayE nama:

kulashEkara AzhwAr  longed to visit srirangam every day. He started his perumAL thirumozhi with glorifying sriranganAthan and his adiyArs. Seeing that, our pUrvAchAryAs also developed this craving for visiting srirangam and living there.

emperumAnAr recited gadhya thrayam (sharanAgathi gadhyam, sri ranga gadhyam and srivaikunta gadhyam) on a panguni uthram day in front of namperumAL and sriranga nAchiAr. He performed a sharaNagathi for the sole purpose of rescuing fallen jIvAthmAs. He requested to emperumAn and pirAtti that anyone who gets connected to the emperumAnAr dharisanam through authorized AchArya paramparai gets the same benediction he himself got - that is parampadha prApthi at the end of one's life. At that time, emperumAn promises to emperumAnAr that he will grant that benediction. emperumAn also instructs emperumAnAr to just stay in srirangam and relish the great meanings of dvaya mahAmanthram. What was said to emperumAnAr is taken as family wealth by all pUrvAchAryas, since every one considered to be part of this thondar kulam (family of servants to emperumAn).

Even if we are not able to go and live there permanently, we can atleast try to visit the holiest of shrines once in a while. adiyen had such bhAgyam to be in srirangam for 3 days and had the chance to participate in pavithrOtsavam this year. Even today, srirangam is one dhivya dhEsam where we can observe great enthusiasm and festivity in the manner every single thing is conducted. Really, if we want to understand who is the real king (rAjA) - we have to go and visually see rangarAjA in srirangam, The way the sripAdham thAngis (the ones who carry emperumAn) bring him out, the way the aruLappAdu is recited for every step/kainkaryam, the way emperumAn is carried around, the way thiruvArAdhanam and all the upachArams are done to him by the archakAs, the way vEdha viNNappam, etc are recited in front of him - it takes us literally to an unimaginable situation - we cant see this kind of setup anywhere else in this world. We really have to be present there to appreciate it all. We can also imagine how it would have been during our pUrvAchAryas times where they had no other life than emperumAn.

What is the use of our life, if it just stops with bhagavadh anubhavam? We should take it to the next level - bhAgavatha anubhavam. Everyday, both in the morning and evening, we can participate in aruLicheyal anubhavam in emperumAnAr sannidhi. NithyAnusandhAnam is recited nicely and we get some wonderful prasAdham as well. Also, on Tuesday (uthrAdam) aruLicheyal anushandhAnam followed by sthOtra rathnam recital happened at nAthamunigaL sannidhi for ALavandhAr. On Wednesday (Shravanam) and Thursday (avittam), aruLicheyal anusandhAnam happened at piLLai lOkAchAryar sannidhi. Also, srivachana bhUshanam and AchArya hrudhayam were wonderfully recited on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. mAmunigaL being the AchAryan of emperumAn himself, is thoroughly enjoying all of these right from his wonderful sannidhi as well.

Our vAnamAmalai jeeyar swamy is observing his chAthur mAsya vratham in srirangam this year. Swamy, even amidst his physical inconveniences, is actively participating in all the activities. ThadhiArAdhanam is being organized and several adiyArs are participating every day. On Wednesday evening, srimAn bhattar khuzhAm (run by Sri U.Ve parasAra bhadhir nArAyaNa bhattar swamy) students enacted the greatness of ponnadikkAl jeeyar (prime disciple of manavALa mAmunigaL and 1st swamy of vAnamAmalai mutt) and varthamAna jeeyar swamy was emotionally very moved by that presentation. On Thursday, swamy gave a mesmerizing lecture in front of many vidhwAns. Swamy spoke about the greatness of aruLicheyal, nammAzhwAr, our svarUpam, our bhAgyam in being born in vaishnava kulam, etc.

Being jnAna sthAnam of our sampradhAyam, several gurukulams are functioning actively there. Many kAlakshEpams are also happening there every day where several adhikAris are giving lectures.

All good things come to an end in this leelA vibhUthi. It was time to leave srirangam, but the memories are there to cherish and share with other bhAgavathas as well.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan
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