srIvilliputhUr ANdAL nIrAttam - day 7

srimathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srimadh varavaramunayE nama:
sri vAnAchala mahAmunayE nama:

anjukudikkoru chandhadhiyAy
AzhwArgaL tham cheyalai vinjiniRkum thanmaiyaLAy
pinjhAyp pazhuththALai ANdALai paththiyudan nALum
vazhuththAy manamE magizhnthu

அஞ்சுகுடிக்கொரு சந்ததியாய்
ஆழ்வார்கள் தம் செயலை விஞ்சிநிற்கும் தன்மையளாய்
பிஞ்சாய்ப் பழுத்தாளை ஆண்டாளை பத்தியுடன் நாளும்
வழுத்தாய் மனமே மகிழ்ந்து

In upadhEsa rathina mAlai, mAmunigaL brings out the divine glories of ANdAL nAchiyAr. He declares that ANdAL's bhakthi and the manifestation of her bhakthi are much greater than the same from AzhwArs. He further says, that just happily glorifying her is the best action for our heart.

This year, adiyen had an opportunity to participate in the divine nIrAttam uthsavam (day 7) in srIvilliputhUr dhivya dhEsam. This article brings out the sequence of celebrations and some pictures from the same. Full set of pictures can be viewed at

  • elaborate and beautiful oil anointing to ANdAL by the archakas with arayar playing the cymbals

  • paththi ulAtthal (procession) inside the maNdapam 
  • ANdAL nIrAttam (thirumanjanam/divine bathing) at the maNdapam facing thirumukkuLAm (tank)
  • Special attire for the day - ANdAL adorning svarNa kavacham during the nIrAttam
  • thirumanjana thIrtham, prasAdham distribution to every one
  • return puRappAdu to temple in ALERu pallakku (palanquin)
  • More celebrations at the temple
adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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