emperumAnAr uthsavam - yAthrai - 2013 - vAnamAmalai and AzhwAr thirunagari

srimathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srimadh varavaramunayE nama:
sri vAnAchala mahAmunayE nama:

It was a great fortune to visit vAnamAmalai and AzhwAr thirunagari dhivya dhEsams during during 2013 chithrai thiruvAdhirai thirunakshathra mahOthsavam of emperumAnAr. Here is a quick view of emperumAnAr uthsavam and various other wonderful events.

May 9th (chithrai - bharaNi)

emperumAnAr uthsavam in vAnamAmalai - day 5

emperumAnAr - vAnamAmalai

 thirumanjanam followed by periya thirumozhi gOshti sARRumurai headed by jIyar swamy

thirunakshathram day of asmadhAchAryan - vAnamAmalai pattarpirAn rAmAnuja jIyar (29th pattam)

On this day, varthamAna (current) jIyar swamy accepts all honors from various divyadhEsams on behalf of previous swamy. Every year, on 4 occassions, varthamAna jIyar swamy wears the kaNaiyAzhi (ring) that was worn by maNavALa mAmunigaL himself and passed on through various jIyar swamys of vAnamAmalai mutt. thirunakshathram (appearance) day of varthamAna swamy, thirunakshathram and thIrtham days of previous swamy and final day of chAthur mAsyam.

ponnadikkAl jIyar - chief disciple of maNavALa mAmunigaL and 1st jIyar of vAnamAmalai mutt

vAnamAmalai mutt - thiruvArAdhanam 

asmadhAchAryan - pattarpirAn jIyar swamy - 29th pattam

 Please observe the mAmunigaL's ring in varthamAna swamy's hands.

 jIyar swamy with dhivya dhEsa mariyAdhai (honours)

emperumAnAr uthsavam in AzhwAr thirunagari (bhavishyadhAchAryan sannidhi) - day 5

bhavishyadhAchAryan sannidhi is located in the west side of AzhwAr thirunagari surrounded by four streets named rAmAnuja chathur vIdhi mangalam. AzhwAr thirunagari at one time became covered with forests. thiruvAimozhi piLLai cleared the woods, re-established proper temple worship at AdhinAthar - AzhwAr temple. After that, he built a separate temple for srI rAmAnujar in the west side of the town and built four streets around the temple. Following his orders, maNavALa mAmunigaL took good care of this temple and he himself performed thiruvArAdhanam to emperumAnAr here. It is at this time, mAmunigaL composed yathirAja vimsathi (20 slOkams in glorification of emperumAnAr) and offered that to bhavishyadhAchAryan in this temple.

emperumAnAr (bhavishyadhAchAryan) - AzhwAr thirunagari

 emperumAnAr (bhavishyadhAchAryan) - pinnaLagu (beautiful backside view)

aruLicheyal gOshti (nAnmugan thiruvanthAdhi, thiruvAimozhi 5th decade) headed by AzhwAr thirunagari emperumAnAr jIyar

 AdhinAthar - AzhwAr temple - amAvAsyai purappAdu (polindhu ninRa pirAn)

May 10th (chithrai - No nakshathram)

 emperumAnAr (bhavishyadhAchAryan) - AzhwAr thirunagari

 aruLicheyal gOshti headed by AzhwAr thirunagari emperumAnAr jIyar swamy

May 11th (chithrai - kArthigai)

  emperumAnAr (bhavishyadhAchAryan) - AzhwAr thirunagari (vaira mudi sEvai)

 AzhwAr thirunagari emperumAnAr jIyar honouring P B ChellamaNi swamy

 aruLicheyal gOshti headed by AzhwAr thirunagari emperumAnAr jIyar 

uyyakkONdAr thirunakshathra uthsavam in AzhwAr thirunagari (thiruvAimozhi piLLai sannidhi)

uyyakkONdAr - AzhwAr thirunagari (thiruvAimozhi piLLai sannidhi)

aruLicheyal gOshti (thiruvAimozhi 10th decade, rAmAnusa nURRanthAdhi, upadhEsa rathina mAlai) headed by thiruvAimozhi piLLai swamy

All in all, a very divine experience. When we go to these wonderful dhivya dhEsams, there is a serene and calm feeling. It is amazing to see the total dedication of many srIvaishNavas in these dhivya dhEsams where there is clear lack of financial incentives to stay and serve. It is purely the binding of the few surviving srIvaishNavas towards emperumAn, AzhwArs and AchAryas that ensures that every thing happens smoothly. For example, in AzhwAr thirunagari, there are more than 30 separate sannidhis (for emperumAn, AzhwArs, AchAryas) and there are only about 10 or so active srIvaishNavas who run from one sannidhi to another to ensure that there is at least one thiruvArAdhanam and some bhOgam every day. In spite of steady power cuts, lack of proper resources, etc., uthsavams happen with great dedication and joy. We can do a little bit by atleast visiting these dhivya dhEsams regularly and supporting the kainkaryaparars as much as possible.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan


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  2. Dhanyosmi Swamin
    Mumbai Sundara raja ramanuja dasan,

  3. Dear Sarathi Swamin, Very well written.... so much of information flowing in a natural way. Felt very happy and enlightened reading about Ramanuja Chathur vidhi mangalam and of the ring of our Acharyar.

    You are doing yeoman service to our Sampradhayam and pray to our Emperuman for continued health and well-being of yours. poliga, poliga

    Adiyen S. Sampathkumar

  4. please let me know the address of emperumanar temple at sriperumbudur

    1. Please take a look at http://sriperumbuthur.blogspot.com/p/town-history.html - all details are available there.
      adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan